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Installing all types of CCTV camera and Access Machine

Installing all types of CCTV camera and Access Machine

We offer high performing CCTV camera system, dome camera, CCTV camera, night vision ir camera which are equipped with tools to provide instant alerts at times of trouble, ensuring crime to be prevented. This is extensively used for surveillance in areas such as banks, airports, showrooms, offices and many more for monitoring the activities.

Our range of CCTV cameras can be used for monitoring areas that are remote from the control room or where the environmental conditions are not comfortable for people. We are supplying CCTV camera with latest quality. Our CCTV camera, dome camera, night vision ir camera are very advanced with latest technology.

Access Machine

Access Control Door System is a compact, standalone, low cost, access control terminal. It is suitable for homes, offices and other access control applications. It use less number of components compared to other access control systems and does not allow PC or network connectivity. It is ready to use, easy to install device. Any electrician can install it with electromagnetic lock with simple instructions provided. It is widely used in Offices, Server rooms, Homes, Airports, Defense, Data centers etc.

Installing all types of Fire Panel (Fire Alarm, Smoke Detector, Sprinkler)

More disruption is caused by false alarms, the inappropriate evacuation of premises and the unnecessary or indiscriminate activation of sprinkler systems, than is lost to fire itself. Today it's not sufficient simply to detect a fire. Now you need to control your response efficiently to minimize damage to property and limit disruption to your business.

Shaurya Enterprise Fire & Security products give you the power to detect fires and provide a planned, appropriate response, whether you have a single office or multiple locations. We are offering the wide ranges of fire panels like Fire Alarms, Smoke Detector and Sprinkler etc.

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