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Deals in all Type of Scrap

We deal in all types of scrap, like scrap of electronic item scrap, ac scrap, computer scrap, generator scrap, metal scrap, aluminium scrap, steel scrap, wire scrap, iron etc.

Aluminium Scraps

Aluminium scrap are used for recycling process because of their optimam usage, high competitive price, lightness, corrosion resistance and strength. Aluminiums weigh generally around a third of the weight of the equivalent sized steel component, with much better corrosion resistance. We will offer you various forms of scraps like rod, plate, wire, cable, wheel, shredded, clipping, heavies, die cast, girder, can, tank, mix materials, etc.

Iron Scraps

The company deals in wide varieties of iron scraps. All the varieties of our iron metal scraps have been sourced direct from reliable suppliers. The ranges of iron metal scraps supplied by us are used in different industries and a myriad of purposes. With our strong and worldwide network, we ensure our clients regarding swiftest deliveries of finest iron scraps. Lastly, we make available all our products at pocket friendly prices.

Computer Scraps

We buy all kinds of computers waste, any type of scrap video boards, lan cards, vga cards, modem boards, scrap mother boards, any kind of memory modules, microprocessors or whole cpus and Monitors, Integrated circuits(ics), normal chips, Green chips, waste of Cd-rom drive Cards, Hard disc Cards Etc.

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